The Recipe for Great Webinars

Successful webinar production and fine food share on thing in common; a great recipe! The recipe combines an ingredient list and a process for preparing the ingredients. Let’s start with the ingredients of a good webinar.

The first ingredient is a business message. Your message can focus on a product or service, but it may also help your customers learn something new related to your field. Next, is a spokesperson.  You want someone who can speak to your customers and represent your business. For example, an owner, company leader, or employee. If the speaker is camera-shy, our staff will provide feedback and tips to help him or her relax, and look like a pro.

What’s the next ingredient?  Visuals! PowerPoint, graphics, video, or physical props spice up the speaker’s message and keep the audience engaged.

One last, very important ingredient: attendees! You can invite current customers or generate new leads by promoting the webinar on your company website, and social media.

With ingredients assembled, you’re ready to head to the kitchen to convert them into a feast for your customers and prospects. The Breeze Webinar kitchen is our custom-built video production studio. There’s always something good cooking-up in the Breeze studio, because it’s designed from the ground up for webinars, live video, and corporate media. It has all the tools needed to make your webinar look, and sound professional, like multiple robotic video cameras, live video switcher, attractive set, and plenty of space for moderators and clients. It even has space for a small studio audience.

Okay, the ingredients are assembled and ready for preparation.  Now, comes the Breeze Webinar process.  The process was derived from years of experience with live-events, video production, and corporate communication. The process is the “secret sauce” that generates consistent results that are irresistible to your audience.

The first step is registration. The value of a webinar is its ability to capture potential lead information prior to the event.  Breeze webinar provides the software and experience to create visually engaging registration forms that are sent to current customers, hosted on your website or shared on social media. Attendees provide basic contact information and other information you request. Our software automatically sends a confirmation email with a link to the webinar. Later, the software reminds attendees of the date and time. As customers begin signing up for the webinar, Breeze staff work with you to plan and design the format and delivery of your event.  If needed, our graphics professionals help you design or improve your visuals.

Speakers are invited to rehearse in the Breeze Webinar studio to get comfortable with the space and make final adjustments for the event. On the day of the webinar, Breeze manages all production and webinar software details so you can focus on your presentation and engage with your audience. Presenters are supported by in-studio monitors which provide a clear view of presentation materials, or a teleprompter. Breeze records your webinar in High Definition video so you can provide replays to attendees or run future events without the need to return to the studio, or re-shoot your presentation.

After the webinar event, our staff provides detailed reports on attendees including chat questions and answers. Attendee information can be easily uploaded to your email or marketing campaign software for further follow-up.

High quality ingredients combined with state of the art tools, crafted by multimedia artisans adds up to a webinar experience your customers and leads will remember and share with colleagues. Webinars, more than any other marketing tool, help you make a personal connection and establish credibility with current and future customers. Breeze Webinar provides the studio, service, and expertise to make sure your webinars achieve your business goals, and continue delivering value long after the original event.